Year 8 – Introduction to Python programming

Curriculum KS3 Unit


This unit introduces learners to text-based programming with Python.
The lessons form a journey that starts with simple programs involving input and output, and gradually moves on through arithmetic operations, randomness, selection, and iteration. Emphasis is placed on tackling common misconceptions and elucidating the mechanics of program execution.
A range of pedagogical tools is employed throughout the unit, with the most prominent being pair programming, live coding, and worked examples.
The Year 7 Programming units are a prerequisite for this unit.

Unit guide

Updated: 10 Feb 2023

Learning graph

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Summative assessment

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Summative answer

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Lesson 1

First steps

Lesson 2

Crunching numbers

Lesson 3

At a crossroads

Lesson 4

More branches

Lesson 5

Round and round

Lesson 6

Putting it all together