Previous research seminars

We have been hosting online seminars on computing education since 2020. All of the materials and recordings of our previous seminars are freely available to watch and download. Delve into our archives to discover more than 50 talks on various computing education topics.

Learners and a teacher in a computing classroom.

Current series: Teaching programming (with or without AI)

Gain insights into teaching programming in our most recent seminar series, featuring discussions on the latest approaches for school classrooms, and on the integration of AI tools to enhance learners' experience.

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Student in the middle of a programming task

Primary (K–5) computing education

Explore seminars covering topics related to teaching our youngest learners in school (5- to 11-year-olds), including ScratchJr, data citizenship, variables, and computational thinking.

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Learners at keyboards in a primary school computing classroom.

Cross-disciplinary computing

Explore cross-disciplinary computing in our seminars, delving into electronic textiles, the artistry of ballet, integrating programming in various subjects, and applications in non-formal settings.

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Artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science

Learn more about artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science in computing education by catching up with our seminars on AI ethics and innovative approaches to ML and AI education for school-age learners.

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Equity, diversity and inclusion

Learn more about equity, diversity, and inclusion in computing education from our seminars. Topics include gender balance in computing, physical computing for children with disabilities, and promoting computer science for underrepresented groups.

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Two girls working together on a programming task

2020 series

Discover a variety of topics in our first seminar series, ranging from block-based computing and PRIMM, to unplugged computing and learning AI with Scratch.

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Panel sessions

Catch up with panel discussions on current topics in computing education.

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